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Civasan Hy Balsam Professional Treatment

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This treatment kit creates an optimal status for the skin to recognize moisture. It protects the skin layer that is most exposed to external environments to maximize skin health. The high moisture patch works by doing just that, and the aquaporin technique transfers water and small solutes across cell membranes to stimulate the spreading of moisture in the skin. With the help of this treatment kit, moisture loss is minimized to prevent dry skin. With horse oil consisting of moisturizing ingredients and various peptide complexes, it is involved in skin regeneration and elasticity.

Kit includes:
B5 Gel/ H2O Booster 5 ml x 5 each
M3 Finish Ampule/ Hidratante Patch 5 ml x 5 each
H2O Balsam Cream/ Finish Cream 20ml x 3 each

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